How we started

The young actor Anton de Bies had a dream that he was playing the lead role in a fiction movie about Hemayel Martina. This dream just caught him and didn’t let him go ever since. After walking around for some months with the idea, doing some research on Hemayel and reading his first book he new that he had to realize this idea.

In March 2014 he was working on a project together with producer Jermain Lo. Anton and Jermain got to know each other during the filming of Mi Kulpa in 2013. After that they stayed in contact with each other. Sitting in a car back in Curaçao in March 2014, Anton told Jermain about a dream he had, a dream where he was dressed in white playing Hemayel Martina as lead actor. “Do you think we could realize this?” Anton asked Jermain; “Off course we can, especially with you in the lead role!” replied Jermain.

Jermain decided that the first step should be to inform Hemayel’s parents. Even though the film was still nothing more then an idea, Jermain knew that he and Anton had to be the ones to inform the family about it. Knowing that news travels fast on a small island like Curacao, he didn’t want them to hear it some other way. When the parents saw Anton they were sold and believed that their son brought Anton to them.

This is when Jermain brought producer Sulin Passial to the team, a talented producer who always knows how to find a perfect balance between a business and personal approach. “I first heard about Sulin when she did the production of the film ‘The Legend of Buchi Fil’, but after I got to produce ‘Mi Kulpa’ together with her I knew that she would bring structural quality to film productions on Curaçao’. Jermain always has been contacting Sulin for advice or to team up on productions ever since. “Every time we talk, I learn something from her!”.

We: Anton, Sulin and Jermain all have worked together on several (local) projects of which we are very proud. At this moment, the Hemayel movie is only an idea which we would like to realize using all our different but essential qualities. We strongly believe that we can make this film happen.

Hemayel was very young and he had already written a book with content for the world to read. ‘Reading ‘Ansestronan Preokupa’ I could feel his passion for our Curaçao’, it’s culture, it’s language’.


According to Anton too much people are afraid that things are going bad on our island. This film must change this way of thinking and show that there is a lot of good happening too! “I’m a young Yu di Kòrsou and I am proud of my Island, my culture and my language. With my acting I want to get my people out of the dark. This is how I want to become a professional actor. As my source of inspiration, Will Smith, says: “I don’t want to be an icon. I want to be an idea. I want to represent possibilities”.